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The story

The company dates back to the early twentieth century, the years in which the great-grandfather of the current owner , coming from the Belbo Valley , moved to La Morra where he began to buy his first land . After him his sons , John, Charles , Joseph, continued in expanding the company.
In the '40s , after the Second World War , the three brothers divided the land : it is from this time that he began to form the Company . Charles , the grandfather of Flavian , he bought some land under forests eradicated them .
But you have to get around the early 70's to have a decisive increase of the surface and of the varieties grown .
James, the son of Charles and dad of Flavio , taked it from about 4 acres at its disposal , to the current 13: began to outline the current company profile .
The company led by Giacomo was the typical family company with government participation, ie pluricolturale , typical of the times and the area, having arable land, meadows, pastures , nuts , fruit, cattle and vineyard : the latter was the main crop .
The actual organization of the company is due to Flavio , the second son of James, Mauro , the elder brother is a doctor in a town of Monferrato.
Flavio , graduating from wine technician in 1988 and the degree in enology in 1991 , he decided after a few years of work experience, always in the wine sector , to pay his work in his father's farm. It was 1997 .
The company was converted into a wine-growing and wine industry.The great area were planted with vines in the less well-suited to the vineyard were planted the hazel plants .
Today, the 13 hectares of vineyard are 5 , 6 with hazelnut , and the remaining part is still bound to the forest and a part is occupied by farm buildings . It remained , however, the footprint for the family business , where Flavio working with his father James, mother Bridget, his wife Paola . Hopefully in the future is flanked by the now little Matthew and sister Alice , the latest .

Azienda Agricola Saglietti Flavio
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